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An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.

Loud Advertising (founded in 1998) now Loud+Clear is one of Niagara’s most well respected, full service marketing agencies. With more than 30 years in the industry Stan DiFruscio brings unparalleled branding, strategic marketing, and project management experience, as well as award-winning creative, design and production skills to all projects along with his seasoned team of professionals.

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Stan DiFruscio

Big Kahuna

Lisa Haddow

Client Happiness

Hannah DiFruscio

Artsy Fartsy stuff

Virginia Lewis

You talk, I write

We dig deep to find out what your objectives are and develop a comprehensive strategy that guides our marketing decisions and execution. Hopefully you know what you want, if not we can help you find out.


We help companies create or realign their brand identities with their core values, target audiences, and long-term strategic goals. You can light up a room or you can be ignored, up to you.


Bringing ideas to life is what we specialize in and focus on. We take an old school approach of developing solid concepts that are artfully executed in the most creative and engaging way. Sometimes we just make you look great.


From our roots in traditional media planning and buying for TV, radio, print and out-of-home to an industry leading in-house digital and social ad trading desk we are experts in media. If half the money you spend on advertising is wasted, we can help you find out which half. 


Websites, e-comm, apps, interactive displays and more fun stuff that used to require an army of basement dwelling techies to create. We focus on ideas and user experience and with the help of technology and AI we can execute most of these in-house. Of course we still keep a few techies locked up just in case.


Copywriting, photography, videos, commercials, we can produce the content that supports and amplifies your brand - the old fashioned way - research, raw creative talent and hard work. We don't use ChatGPT because its garbage. We use AI for some image editing, but mostly to have it spit out something totally unusable. 


what we do.

Sadie DiFruscio

I make movies

Angie Perna

I send bills

Greg Huisman

I pay bills


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